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This is my third photo posting site. Flickr was totally screwed up years ago. Ipernity has announced a probable shutdown at the end of Jan-2017. So now I'm testing out Smugmug.

I build my site with both photos and words. One without the other is not effective. Unfortunately the path from Ipernity to here left my titles, captions, comments and descriptions behind. So it will be a LONG time before I consider this site complete.

At this point, I've committed to using Smugmug for the foreseeable future. It isn't perfect, but it appears to be stable in both how my postings appear (think Flickr debacle) and being in business for a few years (think Ipernity most likely closing shop).

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Recent Photos


Politics are Personal.


Progressive and Social Justice


Recent photos

The political process is messy and, to me, not always pleasant. But politics are important. And politics are personal. You personally have to show up, make your position known, talk to people, vote. This folder records different political events and the people who personally showed up.

Progressive and Social Justice people and events in the larger community.

Dance, etc.




Walking Around



On a back yard fence. Because it needs to be said.

Reproductive Rights


My son Brandon and his now wife Ginny are professional ballet dancers.  I don't have as many photos of him dancing when he was young as I'd like, due to my working, his training away from home and dance company prohibitions on photography during performances, plus my equipment not being very good until around 2008.

Once a year, the corps that is Ballet Memphis puts on a program of their own, Interior Works, with choreography done by company members.  Photography is allowed at this, although they prefer that noisy DSLR's sit in the way-back row.  Since our relocation to Louisville, Ky, we can more easily see him and Ginny dance, and I shoot the show!

I've expanded the theme of this gallery to include any additional theatrical subjects.  This is the result of the opportunity to photograph the rehearsal for a dramatic reading of a play, something I don't expect to run into often.

This is where I put pictures taken while literally walking around!  Ok, I might stretch the walking bit on occasion, but you get the idea. The walking may be specifically for taking photos, or just something noticed while walking with a camera.

Women's rights and access to birth control, abortions, pre-natal care and assistance in raising children are all under valued or even under attack from conservative groups. Actions and events to support these rights and needs are collected in this group folder.

Working to alleviate violence


Louisville Gay Pride Parade


Musical Events


How does a major city reduce violence, especially in a state with easy access to guns and less funding every year for education, health, remedial drug addiction programs.  This has grown over time to include other protests of violence in our less than perfect world.

The Louisville Gay Pride Parade occurs annually as the kick off to the Gay Pride Festival on the Belvedere, overlooking the Ohio River.  Participation by civic, business and faith groups is a means to Stand on the Side of Love.  While the event started in 2001, I attended for the first time in 2016 and will do so as long as possible.  Gay, straight, trans, gender queer, whatever, bring your open heart and mind, and maybe a camera, and celebrate Love!

Louisville has a fair number of musical street festivals and events. I only get to a few, but there are usually some good photos to capture.




Not sure what the conversation is about.

Paris vacation, 2006


First U Lou and UU in general


Events emphasising the strength, diversity, importance or just good vibes of community that don't fit into other gallery classifications!

In 2006 my wife, daughter and I spent a week in Paris, with one side trip to Normandy.  A week is not long enough.

After the fire at Notre Dame, I went back and found ALL photos of/at Notre Dame and, in the interest of time, posted them without any post-processing.

Life at First Unitarian Louisville and being a UU in general.  This may include some social justice events, but not those clearly associated with other groups.

Habitat for Louisville of Metro Louisville


Anne Braden Memorial Lectures



In the foreground is the Very Rev. Matthew Bradley, Dean of Christ Church Cathedral, with two acolytes from the Cathedral.


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na029621 cc crop

Did I mention the excellent Oktoberfest beer?

My retirement work/play as a photographer in Louisville started with Habitat for Humanity.  My first Flickr postings were of Habitat house construction.  Unfortunately stupid people (i.e. CEO's) can ruin a web site literally overnight.  And shoe string operations can start to fold at the tally of a balance sheet.  So with movements between web sites and increasing work/play loads, I have fallen WAY BEHIND in posting Habitat photos.  I haven't stopped taking the photos, just not stayed current in posting them.  So there is hope.  I was finally asked about where my Habitat photos went by Keith and Anthony a few days ago and decided to start posting the galleries saved from my previous site, unfortunately without captions. 

Anne Braden Memorial Lecture is held annually to celebrate the life of Louisville civil rights activist Anne Branden.  The lecture is presented by the Anne Braden Institute, University of Louisville,

I would never want to photograph a wedding as a paid photographer. Too many expectations, too much stress! But when a friend or family member tells me they are getting married, I tell them I know a photographer who "works REAL CHEAP!" My hit rate is pretty good.



Family events and happenings that just don't fit elsewhere!